-> @S1r1us who used to do Web and Binary Exploitation in Invaders now works for Cure53, Germany which is one of the top pentesting company in the world as a Security Auditor.
-> @S3v3ru5_ who used to do Cryptograpy in Invaders now works for Trail of Bits, USA which is one of the top Security Team when it comes to Blockchain and Cryptography.
-> @D1r3_Wolf_ who used to Reverse Engineering in Invaders now works for OtterSec, USA which is one of the top Solana Blockchain Auditing Company.
-> @Sud0u53r who used to Web Exploitation in Invaders now works for OtterSec, USA which is one of the top Solana Blockchain Auditing Company.


-> 1st in Amritha India  Attack-Defense style CTF conducted by @teambi0s
-> 1st in IIT Hyderabad CTF
-> 1st in IIT Chennai CTF
-> 19th among 520 teams in the  International Junior 35c3CTF organised by EatSleepPwnRpt
-> 22nd position in SunShine CTF organised by Knightsec.
-> 27th place in CONFidence CTF 2019 Teaser organised  by p4_team.
-> 32nd position in the globally organised TAMU-CTF conducted by Texas A&M University.

-> 2nd position in CodeFestCTF organised by IIT(BHU),Varanasi.
-> 8th place in International Level PragyanCTF organised by NIT Trichy
-> 9th position in ENCRYPT CTF organised by Abs0lut3Pwn4g3

Bug Bounty :: 
-> Participated in hackrew, the live hacking event and found Open redirection to account takeover vuln   @s1r1us  @Sud0_u53r @D1r3_Wolf_  
-> Account Takeover in a private bug bounty program on Hackerone. @s1r1us  @Sud0_u53r @D1r3_Wolf_
-> Reflected XSS in a private bug bounty program on Hackerone. @s1r1us  @Sud0_u53r @D1r3_Wolf_
-> Tutorialspoint Admin Account Takeover. X0r_D3v1L  NainaNavs  D4r3_D3v1L_
-> Lot of other stuff

We don't hack for money, we hack for fun and it's our passion. You don't know how awesome Infosec Community is, I think this is enough to tell that who we are and what we are capable, we are not bragging about ourselves, we want to make people like us.

Total rewards from BugBounty :: $$$$$$
Total rewards from CTFs ::  $$$$$ INR.

Active Members

s1r1u5Mohan Sri RamaKrishna P

Security Auditor

Defcon, BlackHat, Nullcon GOA, Bsides AHM Speaker

Likes: High-level, Low Level, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Crypto, Algorithms, Maths.


d1r3_w0lfAjay Shankar Kunapareddy

Problem solver and enthusiast in learning new things. Ready to accept work whenever team needs support.

Likes: Low-Level,High-Level,Python,Hacking,Web Development and Pentesting.


Sud0u53rAkash Gurugunti

Works mostly on web exploitation challenges during CTFs

Likes: Programming, Hacking, Web Development and Pentesting


S3v3ru5_Vara Prasad B

Math guy of our team.Visualizes everything in a mathematical way.Connects the dots easily.

Keen Learner.

Likes: Math,Crypto,Python,Algo


X0r_D3v1LBenarjee Sambangi

Too lazy to build things, but always happy to break something.During CTFs works mostly in Forensics, but also does some pwns from time to time.

Likes: Python,Hacking,Binary Exploitation.


NavsNainaNaveen Kumar Naik J

Passionate,Intuitive,Patient,Highly-Skilled in Forensics not "forenshits".

Interests: Python,Forensics,Hacking


sh15h4nk | 0xsh1vShiva Shankar G

Seeker, enthusiastic to explore and exploit new things. Breaking things for fun. Passionate about security. Moving with % 2.

Likes: web application security, low level, web3 security, Python, Math


D4r3_D3v1L_Surya Prakash A

Mnemonist,forensicer,pwner sometimes

Night Owl,Always learns how things work

Likes: Python,Hacking



tsrtmr_37Manikanta Reddy T

Designer of the Team, Programmer & ui/ux designer and finally Mathematics lover forever

Likes: Likes: cryptography, web development ,python , Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,Adobe InDesign